Why does BookCascade.co.uk use cookies?

When you click a link through to a merchant, a third party affiliate company or the merchant themselves places a cookie onto your computer. When you make a purchase, the cookie then identifies you as having come from BookCascade.co.uk and we receive a small commission payment. This is, for example, no different from a salesperson being recorded against a sale and then receiving commission within a call centre. It is essential to BookCascade.co.uk that our sales commissions are recognised correctly. The website receives no income, except for sales commissions and from advertising banners. Without receiving such commission payments, BookCascade.co.uk would cease to exist.

We also use cookies to collect information about website usage. These cookies are placed by a third party (Google Analytics), but the information is anonymised and used exclusively by BookCascade.co.uk.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of these cookies.

What cookies do we set?

The table below summarises the cookies set by BookCascade.co.uk:

Name Length Description
__utma 730 days Number of visits and duration to site
__utmb Less than one day Time of first visit to site
__utmc Until browser closed Time of leaving site
__utmz 182 days Referral information, e.g. which website the visitor came from and keywords used on search engines
cookies Until browser closed Rather ironically, this cookie prevents the "we use cookies" warning message from appearing on every page once you have seen it once

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Terms relating to price comparisons and purchases

Although we try to keep the comparison results as up-to-date as possible, sometimes errors do occur. The price given on BookCascade.co.uk is purely for guidance. The price shown on the merchant's website will always govern the sale. Your contract for all purchases is directly with the merchant; BookCascade.co.uk is not a party to this contract. Postage costs are the price we believe you would pay for mainland UK delivery. This is subject to change by merchants at short notice, therefore you should always check this before committing to the purchase.

Get in touch

BookCascade.co.uk is a trading name of Mr Bruce Bolt.

Please feel free to e-mail us: domains [at] brucebolt [dot] co [dot] uk